Chevrolet Silverado

led headlights silveradoAs a part of the General Motors, Chevrolet introduced an updated version of the truck of increased load capacity Chevrolet Silverado at the industrial fair in Texas in September 2015. Chevrolet Silverado has a durable steel frame and the elements of the body and cab is made of the same material, at the same time, its direct competitors in the U.S. market are slowly starting to use aluminium.

Generation Chevrolet Silverado 2016 differs from its predecessors by a much more aggressive appearance, which emphasizes the predatory dual-port grille, a two-storey rectangular headlights and prominent front bumper with integrated fog lamps, as against to led headlights Silverado and lower protective panel of black plastic.

The engineers set rectangular rear wheel arches and led lights. In the corners of the body there are mounted foot pegs that help a man to get in the back without lowering the side. Some individual features are present in each configuration; they can accurately determine the value of the car and the level of wealth of its owner.