2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8 – Drive Time Review

The past several weeks I’ve been tearing it up in Chrysler group’s new lineup of 2012 SRT models starting with the charger than the challenger in this week the most luxurious of the bunch the 300. Following its enormously successful inaugural run the 300 has been completely redesigned. And modernize. Of course there are a number of plug be in 3 on. 6. Smaller handy. But why not start with the fiercest of the mall the 300 SRT 8. And just like all the new SRT models. The 300 now runs with the bigger 6.4 liter hemi V. 8. 470 horsepower ended equal amount of torque. In many ways I feel like I’m reviewing the charger SRT 8 all over again because these cars are so so. Miller in the. But unlike the Chargers audacity.

Chrysler 300 SRT8The 300 displays a more elegant constrained out word appearance. Muscular and self assured yes. 304 goes the Dodgers truculent design favoring urban sophistication with attitude. And Chrysler pulls it off beautifully with the new blood. Crawled upper and lower grille surround. Rear valance strip in wheels all part of the optional. $795 black chrome packet. Just like I said about the charger challenger 390 twos added robustness is a welcome upgrade the power hungry will love. In conjunction with the 5 speed auto with paddle shifters. Lighting up a hero 0 to 60 times more than a quarter mile in the high twelves is as easy as flooring it. Holding it there. Only to wait. Pretty by a controlled smoky Burnett. Power on tap can be heightened by selecting sport mode but more than just the transmission trick. Sport mode also marks in a higher damping rate for the Sox. And in fact it’s the 3 hundreds much improved chassis which deserves the headline and 2008 Chrysler 300 headlights. The new 2 loaded down. Spurgeon. SRT tuned fully hydraulic steering provide the foundation for a car that’s not only through the fan. But one that can handle the road with finance the optional Goodyear eagle.

Car tires are equally as impressive with their combination of unflappable gripped and comfortable ride. Another sign of the 3 hundreds increased refinement comes in the luxurious ride. That doesn’t force you to capitalize on Sporting News. The cabin again differentiates itself from its Dodge sibling by adding an extra layer of uptown lacquer most dramatic in its blue hued lighting used in the gauge cluster and throughout the interior. The same level of excellent execution is found here with high end amenities like remote start rain sensing wipers smart beam headlamps. Heated and cooled seats and Cup holders. A heated steering wheel and Garmin navigation. This I. T. unit is brilliant and incorporates SRT gauges for monitoring measuring and storing critical performance numbers. And with large car dimensions for the rear seat and trunk. The Chrysler 300 SRT 8 is a kind of form of. The biggest downside is its fuel economy. A 14 MPG city 23 highway on reckon. IBM gas. Which brings it with a $1000 gas guzzler tax. Base MSRP is 47 0 995 making it the most expensive SRT car. Jeep. As tested this car is 53 0 930 loaded with just about every option. And it includes a day of professional driving experience from the Richard Petty school. A remarkable bargain in the full size performance watching. For drive time on Yahoo autos.