Interesting facts about cars.

Interesting facts about cars.The car today is not only a means of transportation. Motorists appreciate, in addition to technical specifications, the functionality of additional options, comfort, appearance and interesting facts about cars.
Little is known, but the first car has a top speed of 100 km / h was LaJamais-Contente.

Electric car was invented in 1899 by racing driver from Belgium Camille Zhenattsi, which produced electric taxi. Two electric motors, located on the rear wheels, set in motion electric car. The body was made of an alloy of tungsten and aluminum. Cars reach speeds on kilometer distance of 106 km / h.

The iconic Volkswagen Beetle was distinguished by the fact that the windshield washer does not work on the drive, but from the pressure of the spare tire under the hood. It constantly needed to pump.
The smallest serial car is considered to be the British Peel P50 in 1962. Its width is 99, length – 130, height- 120 cm. The car had three wheels, there was no reverse gear.